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Why My Website is not Ranking in Google

Are you having trouble over figuring out about why isn’t your Google ranking on is not impressive enough? Is your website escalating down from the Google ranking? This blog will help you to find the errors on where you are missing out and guide you with some super amazing hacks to fix the errors to make your website go bright in ranking with huge traffic.
It is not important to look your website best for designing, but it is also essential to manage the technical part and backend of your website with the match of Google policies. SEO plays the significant role in specializing your website ranking on Google.
Google is believed to be a god of the web industry. It carries the title of one of the large numbers visited the website and is undisputedly the leading driver to all sites in the world. It owns a strong presence in search results.

1. Competitor

You might be frustrated and stressed regarding decreased of Google ranking of your website. As in the Era of technology and digitally there are many such creative minds who have started their domain and marketing it to go wild in the digital market. They afford maximum amount of revenue on digital exchanges. Even if you are going right on your business related important keywords, your website won’t perform well on the search result.
So you need to hold your horses and try using cool strategies over your website.

2. Failed to Indexed the Website

So, what will list your website on Google?
The most simple step is to use the following prefix to your website domain and do a Google search.
“site:yoursite.com “
If the search results show your website, stop worrying as you are at the top.
Find your self in search results means your website is indexed. Ideally, you get to see a comprehensive list of all your web pages, and that is exactly what everyone hopes.
While on the other hand, if the result is nothing like how it is described above, and you are not on top, it implies that Google has not yet indexed your website.

3. Mobile Friendly Website

Every successful business has a user-friendly point of view. If you are not thinking about the user, then you may face some critical issues over the business. Create as easy operations as you can for your visitors.
As we can see, the whole world is all stick on mobile devices than desktops. A mobile-friendly website plays an impactful role in the industry. Plan your website to look vibrant and effective on mobile devices.
To understand and reach onto the error it is indeed very important to know your business purpose and exactly what you are expecting from the business.



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