What is the Benefit of Facebook Advertising?

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What is the Benefit of Facebook Advertising?

Social media has now become the new battleground for brands as they vie for the consumer’s attention across all media channels and Facebook here is undisputedly the leader. With more than 2 billion active users and 65 million businesses with dynamic Facebook pages, Facebook marketing provides a vibrant platform for brands to reach their target audience and generate awareness amongst the masses.

An average user spends about an hour and a half and sometimes even more time, browsing through his/her social media accounts. Although the primary motive is social engagement with friends and family, advertisers here have an excellent opportunity to showcase their offering and thus have to put their best foot forward.

However what the marketers will have to deal with here is ‘The Goldfish Effect’ where the attention span of a user on any given subject lasts for a maximum of eight seconds. In this short attention window, a marketer using Facebook advertising has to be very precise to get the message across.

Take, for instance, a customer visiting your website through an advertisement you put up on Facebook, and your landing page takes more than a few seconds to load! You’ve already lost the customer without even making a first impression. Hence investing in a right web hosting service provider will surely ensure good returns as the customer today needs lightning fast speed in all that they do.

If we look at some of the best Facebook ad campaigns over the years, they are innovative and highly customized according to the target segment and strikes a chord across the spectrum. The advertisements have to be responsive to all devices especially mobile, with ads that direct the traffic to your landing page.

The benefits that Facebook advertising provides are immense:

  • Facebook advertising helps you target your customers based on age, gender, interests, professions and so on making it easier for your message to reach the right group of people who would be genuinely interested to know about your products

  • Every page that you create for your business can be monitored, and every penny you spend on the marketing efforts can be held accountable for

  • Any ad campaigns that you launch on Facebook can be changed daily, weekly or when you think it has the chance to perform best. It also has the option to show ads to people who are within a specified range of your business, which in turn would boost your local business

However, the main concern here would be design a strategy that meets your unique business needs whether it is about generating awareness, driving conversion or both. Whatever be your business need Facebook has the tools that will help you shape your practices accordingly.


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