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What is Digital Marketing and How it Lifts Your Business

Digital Marketing is the broad term used for all the online marketing done by a company. With everything going online, it’s only natural that businesses also shifts its marketing focus to the digital channels. These digital channels include social media, social networks, Google Search, emails and company’s websites, which are used for connecting with prospective customers.

Need for Digital and Online Marketing - An increase in online shopping

A lot of people are buying things online and they have stopped visiting physical stores, which means that offline marketing has become a thing of the past. Marketing is all about connecting with the target audience at the right place and time. So, there is a need to serve the growing community of online customers, which can be met through internet business marketing.

What is the role of Digital Marketing?

For making the presence felt online, where a majority of the customers are present, company makes use of email marketing, digital advertising, online brochures, and other things. Some of the assets used by internet online marketing include:

  • Company’s Website

  • Blogs

  • E-books & whitepapers

  • Infographics (which means information inside graphics)

  • Interactive tools

  • Social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

  • Online brochures

  • Earned online coverage, such as Press Releases and Social Media

  • Branding assets, like fonts and logos

Strategies for Digital online marketing:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the method by which the website is optimized so that it ranks higher in the search engine results. This leads to more people getting connected to the site, leading to an increase in the organic traffic that the website receives.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing implies the comprehensive approach used for attracting leads and converting them into customers. It also includes closing the leads and delighting them through the help of online content.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most important strategies, which can be used to target the audience. It helps in generating awareness of the brand, and leads to generation of leads, and growth in traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves promotion of the brand and content on all the social media channels, so that the brand awareness is increased, and the traffic is driven to the site. It also helps in generating leads for the businesses.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click

PPC is a popular method for driving the traffic to the site. Whenever the ad is clicked on the site, you need to pay the publisher. Google AdWords is the most common form of PPC.

Native Advertising

This includes advertisements, which are mainly led by content, and feature on the platform, along with other content that are non-paid. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram, are native.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a kind of advertising, which is based on performance. Here, you receive commission for doing promotion of other’s products and services on the site.

Marketing Automation

This is a software, whose main purpose is to automate the marketing actions. A lot of repetitive tasks, like social media, emails, etc. take place in companies, and these need to be automated.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by the companies for communicating with the audience. Emails are used for promoting content, events and discounts, and also for directing people towards the website of the business.

Online PR

This is used for securing the earned online coverage, with the help of blogs, digital publications, and other sites that are based on content. It is like traditional PR in the online platform.

Aim of Digital Marketing

The aim of Digital Marketing is to put the message across in front of the people through the online medium. Through powerful and search engine optimized blogs, customers are attracted to the site.

Digital Marketing and communications uplifts the business

Digital marketing and advertising is the best tool for businesses, irrespective of what the company sells. By creating valuable content online, it tries to identify the needs of the audience.

The businesses can be broadly classified into two types: B2B and B2C.


If your business is mainly into B2B, then, the web internet marketing would focus on generation of online leads, with the objective of people getting in touch with the sales person. For this purpose, the marketing strategy would involve attracting the leads and converting the quality leads for the sales people through the site, and digital network.

Other than the website, you might have to focus on other business-related channels as well, such as LinkedIn and other sites, where the audience spends a majority of the time, online.


If the business is mainly into B2C, then, your main aim would be to have an excellent website where the customers can check out your products, and turn into customers. The website should provide a seamless transition from being interested leads to customers, without having to go through an intermediary or a sales person. The most relevant social media platforms for B2C businesses are Pinterest and Instagram, and not LinkedIn, which is more business-focused.

What are the advantages of Social Digital Marketing?

Digital mktg is an excellent way to let the marketers see accurate and precise results, that too, in real time. When you advertise in newspaper, it is not easy to estimate the number of people actually going through it, and there is no way to find out whether the ad was responsible for bringing in the sales. But, with digital marketing, one can easily measure the Return on Investment of all the marketing efforts that are employed. And, it can definitely uplift the business with the following metrics:

  • Website Traffic: When you have the website ready, you can easily find out the number of footfalls on the site. Also, the sites will give you accurate statistical information about the number of pages visited, devices being used, and also the demographic location of the person visiting the site. This information will help the business in prioritizing the marketing channels. And, they can improve their SEO to increase the footfalls to the site. It also helps the business in identifying patterns and trends in the behaviour of the people.

  • Attribution Modelling: With an effective and efficient strategy for digital internet marketing in place, the business can easily trace all the sales back to the customers. This is known as attribution modelling, where the business is able to identify the trends of people’s research and purchase. This will help the business to take informed decisions regarding the marketing strategies that deserve attention, and the refinement of sales cycle.

  • Performance of content and generation of leads: If you have an online brochure on the site, you would be able to measure the number of people visiting the site and viewing it. Also, the business would be able to collect all the contact information of people, who are downloading them. This contact information is the leads database for the business. And, the business can concentrate on converting these leads into customers.

  • Increased growth rate: When the business is able to do effective marketing and sales, it would be able to witness a higher annual growth rate, as well.

Content Creation – The Critical step

The content creation would depend upon the needs of the target audience, at different stages in their journey. The business should try to identify the goals and challenges of the audience, and help them in meeting those goals, and to overcome those challenges. Through content mapping, the business should be able to find out what content information would be consumed by the users at a particular time. So, the content mapping would be done based on the person’s characteristics, and how close he is to make the purchase.

How to create awareness?

To create awareness amongst the public, one should use:

  • Blog posts, which can increase the organic traffic. This should also be paired with strong keyword strategies and SEO.

  • Infographics, which are the most popular form of digital marketing industry. They can be easily understood by the people.

  • Videos, which can help in giving visibility to the brand, and can be posted on YouTube, etc., which has the maximum audience.

  • E-books, which can help in generating leads as they are more comprehensive than infographics and blog posts.

  • Research Reports, which can be picked up by press and media and can help in creating awareness and in generation of leads.

  • Webinars, are detailed and interactive videos, which are more helpful in providing comprehensive content.

  • Case Studies, which can give detailed information on cases, so that the consumer decision can be influenced in a positive manner.

  • Testimonials, which are the proof of the quality of your business. People normally rely on testimonials before deciding to purchase things.

Strategic digital marketing is an unavoidable strategy, which has to be employed by the companies, to give the desired impetus to their businesses. One would be able to measure the ROI easily, depending upon the effectiveness and the scale of the strategies employed. So, a little bit of time, efforts and money spent on the digital marketing consultancy will ensure that the business leaps and bounds to newer heights.


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