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How can the Best Video Marketing Company in Mumbai offer Customised Video Marketing Services?

Video marketing has become the latest form of marketing in the digital world today. The promotion through video helps to improve the customer outreach. As it’s commonly said, that one photo is equal to 1000 words, and then you can very well imagine that 1 video will be equal to how many pictures. It is not only simple to use videos to promote your brand, but also quite effective. The best part about this form of marketing is that many kinds of videos can be used, including live videos, explainer videos, viral videos, how – to – do videos and much more. This video makes connecting with the audience easier. The Youtube video promotion services India is also an effective means of video promotion.

Another great feature of videos is that it not only provides benefit to reach potential customers but also improves your search engine ranking. It also offers improvement in open rates and conversions.

Statistics for video marketing

  • Over 80% of Twitter users see content (video) on this platform
  • Approximately half of Facebook users watch more than half of the video every week.
  • Every 1 minute around 72 hours of video is uploaded to the mega video platform, Youtube.
  • Maximum videos are watched online by the people in the age group of 25 – 34.
  • Half of the video content uploaded on the web is viewed by mobile users.
  • Everyday people view around 10 million videos on Snapchat.
  • Addition of a thumbnail increases the video views by 35%.
  • Close to 45% companies have explainer videos present on their home page.
  • Organic reach for Facebook has been higher with videos than photos.

There are many benefits of online video marketing which will further read about.

High Conversion rates for Video Marketing

The conversion rate with video marketing is very high and improved ROI is seen in most cases. According to statistics companies or portals which earlier had static advertisements or posts have shown significant improvement with video ads. The effectiveness of video content can be measured by the engagement of people for any particular videos. Research has shown that majority of people watch more than half of the video ads. Videos on landing pages have shown the best results, so it is best if you can incorporate a video on the landing page of your website. This also makes it easy for the customers to understand about your product.

The effectiveness of the video ads can be seen by the fact that more and more videos are being incorporated by companies on their social media pages, websites and elsewhere to enhance customer reach. Since most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading a long paragraph, this is another reason why videos have become popular.

Content for the videos

It is vital to carefully plan the content for the video you want to post on your company’s social media page or on your website. The content that has to be added in the video needs to be informative, interesting and promotional at the same time. Putting emphasis on rather one thing makes it difficult for the audience to relate to the video. Hence, a well-drafted video with suitable content makes it easy for the audience to rely on your product. Hire the best video marketing company in Mumbai.

How will video marketing benefit your brand?

Videos have the potential to engage prospective customers towards your brand and its products or services. With an explainer video present on your landing page, it becomes quite easy for customers to know in detail about your product and its effectiveness. Videos can increase the conversion rate, thus increasing the overall sales.

With a higher ROI, videos have dominated the market today and have entered each and every industry. Kindly contact the video marketing agency in Mumbai for complete details about youtube video marketing services in India.

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