Why Video Marketing is so Effective?

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Why Video Marketing is so Effective?

Video advertising helps to increase awareness about a brand or product by means of content that will make it viral. According to research, 69% of advertisements on the digital base will be done through video advertisements. Since visual has a higher impact on our brains as compared to audio, this serves as the best means of marketing. These days many brands have made their shift towards video-based marketing to let the consumer check out their product within the time frame of 20 – 30 seconds.

According to statistics around 78%, people engage in online videos per week and around 55% engage in videos every single day. This makes digital video marketing a very important activity which you cannot miss out. Since engagement of customers with videos has increased, you will be able to engage more people with a proper video for your brand, product or services. The landing pages which have videos have chances of 80% more conversion rate compared to the traditional methods of advertisement or website.

Facts of best online video marketing:

  • The World Wide Web has created more video content in a single month than the television has created in over thirty years.

  • Close to 65% of people view more than 3/4th of the video.

  • Around 30% mobile users view videos every single day.

  • 80% brands have a video on the landing pages of their website.

  • 93% marketing ongoing currently is for video marketing.

Why video marketing strategy is effective?

The latest tool of promotion in the digital world is video marketing, but how fruitful is this form of promotion, let’s see.

1. Boosting sale:

Since digital video advertising is a better mode through which customers are able to engage more with your brand and understand the product. Addition of product videos on landing pages is better as it helps to increase the conversion rate by approximately 80%. An explainer video in the form of whiteboard animation video is always a better option with the help of which customers are able to understand your product.

2. Building trust:

With a higher engagement rate with videos, they are able to instigate trust among prospective clients. 30 seconds to 1-minute video lets the visitor connects with your brand which adds on the feeling of trust.

3. Google and videos go hand in hand:

Since the addition of videos increases the average visitor time on your website, this lets top search engines like Google know that you have useful content where visitors want to spend time. The chances of ranking high in Google also increases when you have videos present on your website. So adding a video on your website seems the right thing to do according to search engine optimisation.

How to make your video advertising effective?

The video makes it easy, interesting and engaging for people to connect with the brand. This is something which many people like to go through. Hence, an effective video ensures 50% success of the campaign.

It is very easy to make your video marketing effective and engaging. You just need to make sure of few key points to be kept in mind:

1. Emphasise on your product, not the sale:

While making content for your video, something which you need to keep in mind is to emphasize more on your product and the value it adds to your customer’s life, rather than simply focusing on the sales. This kind of video can be strategically planned. At the end of the video, mention the link of your website where your customers can search the products. Even for adding your phone number or your website URL, make sure that it fits in the video story and blends with the flow. Believe it your customers will just love the way

2. Make it the best 20 seconds of video:

This is just the thing your company is counting on for the next big product. Your service or product might be very good, but there is actually no use if your marketing ad is not that brilliant. You can make the best of your 10 – 20 seconds video by actually showing your customers how your product can make their life better and easier. Use of teasers to let your audience glue on to the ad is one of the key points. Getting to the point within your expectation is much needed. Always remember these are the 20 seconds your customers need.

3. Make it interesting:

Make sure to make your video promotion interesting and something unique. Going through the same previous ideas which people have seen doesn’t do justice to your product. The general public wants to see something different, wants to understand your product, laugh, get to know the feelings attached to the product. All this can be done if you think out of the box and try to create a unique aspect of your video ad. Before finalizing the content for your advertisement, you need to understand your audience and then frame the genre of the ad accordingly.

Trends in online marketing in 2017

2017 has been the year of the digital world and there are many trends which are being followed by big brands to increase the engagement through their videos.

1. Snapchat - High on videos:

Currently about 10 billion videos are being viewed by people on a daily basis on Snapchat. This data when compared to the 8 billion videos/ day of Facebook makes it a boom this year.

2. Video influencers in demand:

As discussed earlier social media influencers, the rise of video marketing has made video influencers more popular. With many people trusting individuals more than brands without a face, video marketing is set to become a sensation. The conversion rate through the influencers is also higher. So hire the best video marketing company.

3. Live video:

Live videos have become a major trend on all the channels. The Facebook videos: Since Facebook is a major player in the social media world, the videos present on Facebook play a major role in different marketing campaigns.

4. Video voice mail:

Better than written emails can be video mails, which will have a human face, say your customers or clients sending you a short video of their complaint, feedback or suggestion.

5. Revolutionising the world of paid video ads:

When you will begin to see videos on Facebook or Youtube. Large brands can associate with movie productions, album directors to get their ads published along with a sideline where viewers can click if they wish to see the product or know more about the same.

These digital marketing trends will be a hit this year and in the coming year.

What are the challenges in case of video marketing?

Undoubtedly video marketing services have become the number one marketing effort, but there are many challenges which are paused in case of video marketing.

1. Promotional and informative:

The video which needs to be made in order to promote your product should not look like a complete promotional video, but should also inform your customers about the kind of products and services. Only promotional videos make a continuous effort to sell their products to the prospective clients, but an engaging, interesting and promotional video helps to sell your products and services easily. Hence, a blend of the promotional and informative video makes it easy for your company to sell your products.

2. Right platforms to promote:

After the video has been made, it is very important to promote it on proper platforms online. Once the videos are promoted on the right social media platforms and elsewhere more and more people will come to know of your brand. Since there are many social media platforms present, it is vital to understand the right platform as per your brand’s need and promote it on the required platforms. The marketing and promotion of the video play an effective role in making a larger audience know about your company.

3. Influencer marketing

The latest technique in online promotion is influencer marketing. Many social media platforms have genuine people having a decent number of followers. These influencers market the product through their respective platforms and many people follow them. This gives those start-ups and small companies the option to use the services of influencer marketing and promote themselves in the right way.

Your video marketing for business can open gateways to better opportunities for your business in the digital world. Before proceeding further, you need to make sure that all steps including proper video planning, marketing need to be followed.

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