When Should you Begin a Google AdWords Campaign?

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When Should you Begin a Google AdWords Campaign?

google adword campaign

Are you excited about the way your business is growing? A lot of people are getting to know about your brand and company. You wish to contribute to the advertising industry as well as its products. You have heard a lot of things about Google AdWords marketing and think that it would a very good next step for growing your business.

Before you get in fully with AdWords, even though you have to ensure that your business is very good for this type of pay per click campaign. After all, this is not a magical bullet for success of a brand and a poorly planned as well as ran campaign may lead to a disaster easily.

To make the most of it, you need to have the below-mentioned elements:

1. Customer demand

The very first ingredient that you need is customer demand. When your customers aren’t looking for your product in the search engine, the advertising campaign is never going to work for you. Thus, before getting too excited about developing your very first campaign, you will have to verify that there is search volume for whatever you would be offering.

2. Marketing budget

After some research and zeroing down the targeted keywords, you may calculate the maximum CPC i.e. Cost Per Click you would be spending. More competitive the keyword would be, more you will have to shell out on it. You should not just run after keywords which are quite competitive, rather you should target the ones that you are capable of affording and which would offer you good and profitable results.

You would not like to necessary push the budget you have fixed. To get a rough idea about the maximum CPC, you will have to assign the numbers to the conversion rate of your website, the advertising profits margin as well as the profit per each customer.

3. Understanding of competition

In case you really wish to crush the whole keywords game, you need to start with the high volume keywords. But, you also need to be aware of the keywords that your rivals are using.

There’re some tools which may help you in spying on your rivals, like Keyword Spy. This tool basically helps in collecting as well as offering information on

There are several tools that can help you spy on your competitors, like one that is aptly named Keyword Spy. This tool collects and provides information about the previous activities of your competitors.

You may also look up the past advertising copy of your competitors which features their best-performing keywords. You may export all the important information into the AdWords account.

4. A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and a deal too good to pass up

There are a number of websites which help in promoting all kinds of products, brands as well as services. Any type of digital marketing including utilization of AdWords campaign would be of no use if your business just blends into noisy background. You will have to offer the products which are unique and would help in separating you from your competitors.

In case you do not have any USP, you may look at the strengths of your company, get the insights from your customers and then look for some opportunities that your competitors may have missed. A very strong USP would help in catching attention of people and driving more traffic towards your website that would lead to more sales and conversions.

Along with a strong USP, you also need to plan some offer which the customers and the potential customers would not be able to ignore. Planning an offer which is irresistible can be fun but it can be difficult to plan it. After all, each and every advertiser is basically seasoned to create attention-grabbing offers.

5. Outstanding advertisements

When you a Google AdWords campaign you pay every time someone clicks on the advertisements. Keeping this in mind, you will have to create advertisements which not just lead to some click on the website, but you just need high-quality prospects that’re likely to bring in some conversions. This signifies that you will have to develop eye-catching advertisements which speak to a particular audience.

6. Dedicated landing pages

In case you are new to the world of internet marketing, then would think that you want your websites’ homepage to rank number one for all the top keywords and you might even wish to send all traffic from pay per click advertisements there also.

So a Google AdWords campaign is a very effective and useful method for any business which is looking at increasing its sales and become successful. You always need to keep in mind that even though just as a well-timed and planned ad campaign would benefit your business, a poorly timed and planned campaign can tarnish the reputation of your business.

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