Top SEO Trends for Successful Start-Ups in 2018

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Top SEO Trends for Successful Start-Ups in 2018

SEO is an evolving game of cat and mouse in the world of digital marketing that nobody could yet master. Yet, the game is on. Digital marketers, SEO optimisers and website builders are in continuous pursuit of best trends that will catapult their web pages to the top league of search engine results. For start-ups, the job is a tad more difficult. Their online existence is still in childhood (if not in infancy). So they will have to slog it out to find out the top trends for start-ups. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all start-ups just like any other digital marketing entity. Search engines are tweaking their search parameters continuously. Therefore, start-ups need to keep abreast of changes and focus on local SEO trends for 2018, to be successful. There are some common 2018 SEO trends that may help start-ups become successful in the year 2018.

Responsive web pages

More and more people are browsing internet through hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. If your web page is not optimised for viewing in mobile devices, it will certainly get a battering from other competing websites. So the first task is to design responsive web pages.

Quick answer box

A quick answer box is the search list that appears as a drop down in the search box when you enter queries such as ‘how to’, ‘what is’ etc. As the user selects one of the drops down queries, the search engine quickly fetches a quick snippet of the content and displays the result. So you need to design the webpage in such a way that it responds to the query raised in the quick answer box of a search engine. Also, the information must be so incorporated in your page that it can present the most relevant information in a concise manner in the snippet.

Keyword research and keyword density

This is a cliché, you will say. But, keyword density is so relevant today as it was in the previous years. In fact, it may be more relevant today. This is because one common search criteria among all search engine algorithms are to look for the keyword and match it with the database. So you need to do proper keyword research first and then put the keyword in the right density in the content. Density is important since it emphasizes the relevance of the content to the search query. However, the keyword must not be so dense as to be perceived as spam by the search engine crawler. Incorporation of words like how, why, what etc. into the keywords along with relevant answers may help your website get noticed by the search crawler.

Different keywords for different pages

This is important when you research about the keyword. You should use different keywords for different pages. Incorporation of the same keyword throughout your website is a bland idea for 2018. You need to have as many relevant keywords as the number of pages. Nevertheless, all these keywords must be related to each other by a common thread or phrase. This will help your website to attract the attention of search engine crawler.


Inbound link building is more important now than it has been ever before. If links are broken or not built up properly, all the effort at optimizing keywords described above will be fruitless. If links are working and they are aplenty, then it can work wonders for your site in combination with all the keyword jugglery narrated above.

Social media integration and use pictures and videos

The importance of Social media in increasing your page ranking is beyond question. Social media may help you to increase your page popularity through Likes and Shares. To attract people to Like and Share a particular content you need to place good pictures and videos on the page since people mostly Share and like content with good videos and pictures.


HTTPS is secure, but HTTP is not. Search engines are giving more importance to HTTPS website than http ones. So if your website is built using HTTP protocol then you need to convert into HTTPS. Otherwise, search engines may lower your ranking. So start-ups should get HTTPS websites to stay relevant in the competitive world of digital marketing.

SEO is an evolving trend and you need to be on the move to stay ahead of things. The above-mentioned latest SEO trends are a vital clog in the wheel in the coming year and each one should aim to cash on it. After all the future looks great.

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