Latest Social Media Trends for your Small Business in 2018

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Latest Social Media Trends for your Small Business in 2018

ocial Media Trends for your Small Business

Businesses are vying with one another for a slice of consumers’ attention. Today everybody is present in the world of World Wide Web with their products and services. So the consumers’ eyeballs have only a few fleeting seconds for your offerings. You have to utilize this space of time to enhance your brand awareness and convert fleeting visitors to permanent customers. But this is easier said than done, especially for small businesses. Small business cannot spend fortunes on promotional activities. Are they doomed in the future or is there anything that can help them market themselves! Yes, they can indeed market themselves quite successfully using only social media as their weapon. In fact, it has emerged as a kind of level playing field if you use the latest trends for your small business. Let us explain you the most important social media trends for business.

Online marketing and social media

Online marketing through this medium is well entrenched in the psyche of companies as well as consumers. However, facets are also changing and consumers are taking to new ones more and more. This is more true about millennia’s. These changing trends and their uptake by the user will determine the new trends in internet marketing by companies. Let us go through some of these emerging facets that can help small businesses market themselves successfully.

Quick answer box

A quick answer box is the search list that appears as a drop down in the search box when you enter queries such as ‘how to’, ‘what is’ etc. As the user selects one of the drops down queries, the search engine quickly fetches a quick snippet of the content and displays the result. So you need to design the webpage in such a way that it responds to the query raised in the quick answer box of a search engine. Also, the information must be so incorporated in your page that it can present the most relevant information in a concise manner in the snippet.

Chat bots are an excellent support system

Gone are the days of boring chat bots. New chat bots are responsive, quick and interesting. It will guide you through a process even if it is not able to give you the exact information. These are becoming more and more accurate, responsive and human-like because of the use of advanced artificial intelligence systems. These may-I-help-you boxes in websites and profiles are ever ready to help visitors 24 hours. They are an excellent customer support system that every company looks for. So invest in chat bots; you can reap rich dividends in terms of new customers. But before designing chat bots don’t consider only millennia’s as your only customers. Older people are slow to adapt to technology, but when they do venture into the new world, chatbots can be an excellent helping tool for them.

Temporary content

Snapchat has pioneered the use of temporary content and got its users hooked to this new form of messaging. Such content gets wiped out after a certain time. So the user has only a fixed time to go through it. If the content is interesting in nature and temporary in existence then users get hooked on it in real time. Such real-time content is able to gain more eyeballs in a given time than other types of content. So try temporary content in various channels of social media; it can be a great promotional tool for you.


The Video is going to be the king of content in the near future. There are reasons for it and why these have become the latest social media trends. People have always wanted to watch videos, but slow internet speed and other factors had so far restricted their reach. Now, the spread of 4G, video streaming, and internet enabled handheld devices has ensured that more and more people are able to watch video content. This has increased the scope of video as an online marketing technique. It is on the way to become the fastest going promotional media in near future. So get more and more of video content in your internet marketing content. But videos must be short ones since users are not reputed for great attention span and concentration.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a great tool for customers as well as marketers. For the customer, it can help visualize things and situations. With the help of this technology, customers can project your products against their domestic settings and get an idea about the real look and feel of the products to be bought. Social media has also taken note of the emergence of augmented reality as a user-friendly technology. Sooner than later they will also integrate this new technology into their platforms. This can really be a defining moment in the history of customer satisfaction. So invest in augmented reality for your store. This can really be a boon for your small business.

To be successful in online marketing for your small business, you should the 2018 social media trends & you need to invest in marketing in all the above areas. However, you can start with cheaper options like temporary content and video and involve other areas as your business continues to grow. So get ready to take your business to the next level!

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