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2018 SEO Trends

SEO is a trend where there is this continuous need for improvisation, on a timely basis. The once, at its peak methods turn outdated and irrelevant over a period of say a few months. Few dominant SEO practices become irrelevant and are no longer in use. The widely used algorithms can be changed repetitively, multiple changes can be implemented. This occurs due to the changing advancement in technology fetching evolutionary changes. It is helpful for sharpening SEO trends according to changing market demand.

2017 has brought into highlight the steady increase of https, and accelerated mobile pages are on a boom period, the value of backlinks, voice search, lessen the overuse of 301 redirecting errors and the list goes on. Some trends will still be seen in 2018, and some will vanish.

There are many newly emerging 2018 SEO trends.
Constant attempts to crack Google’s algorithmic page ranking is still a challenge for search engine optimization trends and can be accomplished over the years. On the flip side, there are some other SEO trends to be looked out in 2018.

Enhancing features of the search engine page by good SEO content:
In earlier days, the search listings would be highlighted in blue texts and few of the marked ads. Nowadays when we take a look at search engine results page, it shows, related images, video links, articles listings, advertisements, widgets and social media mentions. It has become more accessible to get off the track and surf different websites. Keyword and optimization still hold absolute importance.

There are tools such as a rank tracker, that allows us to track down the real-time tracking and display keywords which are potentially in holding good traffic. Search engine results page include reviews, tweets, video, AdWords, local packs, image packs, news blocks, shopping links, snippets and so on.

Structuring according to the snippet

There are majorly two types of snippets; regular and productive. Both have standard features including a clickable title, URL and a description. Rich snippets possess short titles which mostly include a slash “|” instead of a dash ‘-,‘ fewer reviews and an image. It is essential how search engines display the data information, rather than how the data has been structured. Search results with rich snippets receive more clicks and usually show a higher click rate, which results in increasing the sales. Though there is negligible difference between rich and regular snippet.

Need for speed

It is the need of the market to be super fast, along with it there is a demand for appropriate information and user-friendliness.
If the page takes a longer time to load, people often switch to another website which will serve them quicker. It is moreover frustrating to wait for the page to load which will accurately answer queries. People don’t prefer slow pages. If the desired page is slow, the traffic automatically gets diverted to other competitor websites. All users expect speed, and it’s our moral responsibility to provide it.

Enhance Page Relevance

Search engines will evaluate the website content. Google thereby uses its latent semantic indexing for assessing or accessing site’s relevance. By the use of latent semantic indexing, it can gather material from numerous websites and can scan for different keywords and terms. It also helps Google in determining the content on the site is comprehensive and is delivered effectively.
Google also analyze ranking of the pages by identifying similarities and features between these websites.

An innovation of voice search

It is a steaming and advanced research put forth in mid of 2017. It is more convenient than typing the massive amount of texts with a lot of spelling errors. It is a faster method and can be expressed in details. The focus on more information means going beyond the keywords and phrases to higher the ranking and increase terms people are going to say out loud.
There is a vast difference between the way people speak and the way they type. As a result, SEO should use conversational terms and phrases. Voice recognition has reached up to a point where the users and more preferred are widely trusting it.

Importance of mobile phones will be raised

More web browsing is the key feature. People prefer using phones more reluctantly rather than surfing through desktops. It is always a device of utmost importance and in the present times is required as a search ranking factor.

Linkless backlinks

Backlinks are the oxygen to SEO. It is the best and the most ethical way to get links from outside sources.
Search engines are now capable of associating mentioned brands, organizations, people and institutions without linking them to their corresponding web pages.

Search engine result pages getting personal

Apart from the speed of the page, the relevance of the content and page authority, search engines user the information like the interests of a person, browsing history, location, and other parameters to provide a more personalized search.
This, in turn, will provide getting to the top of search result, as the page search will be present in their search history.
The goal of SEO is to generate and maintain a high volume of traffic to the respective website. It would eventually be achieved by achieving high ranking on search engine results. It is crucial to make this position and maintain it throughout, as long as possible.

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