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How to Increase blog traffic?

Every Writer around the globe the globe works hard to increase blog traffic. There are many techniques and thumb rules to get more traffic on your blog. The notion of ‘Content is King’ is well etched in the minds of every writer who works to get maximum traffic on their site.
While writing quality content is very important, there are other guidelines to follow as well so that your ultimate goal to increase traffic to your blog is reached.

There are two ways to get traffic to any blog or site. First is an organic method of ranking high on search engines and the second is paid promotion.

Let us go through the Organic Method:

While generating organic traffic the most important thing is, content. With good content, in hand, here is how you can increase traffic organically:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has specific guidelines to follow to comply with the algorithms of search engines. These include having proper keywords. If a company focuses on using relevant keywords, the site traffic on the site will automatically increase.

  • Structuring a blog with proper headings, subheading, bullet points, and number lists. Making the blog in a structured point-wise manner is a discomfort killer and retains traffic along with optimizing your site for search results.

  • Adding pictures, videos, and links to relevant sources and giving credits is another way to increase organic ranks.

  • Building high-quality backlinks are the most crucial thing when it comes to the factors that define rankings.

  • The most efficient approach to increase traffic on your blog is to hunt where the flock hangs out.

  • Use Google Analytics to see and analyze the sources of the most your traffic and referral traffic.

  • Find blogs and forums where your target audience visits and work on them.

  • Post good content and comments along with a link to your blog and most importantly be seen as a valuable contributor rather than a spammer.

The second way to generate traffic is promotion, and it also includes paid promotion. How to promote your blog?
The answer is simple to promote your site on social media. Have social media buttons on your site and also post each new content on your social media handles.
Paid promotion for your blog on search engines as well as social media settled promotion can also maximize your outreach and increase traffic to your blog.
Be it organic or paid, you need to know how to promote a blog.

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