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How Digital Marketing Helps SMEs

Digital Marketing has revolutionized the world of marketing. Simple offline based marketing activities are now changed into digital based activities. Many small scale, medium scale and large scale companies are now using this form of marketing to remain at edge with their competitors in today’s technology driven scenario. Online marketing helps clients to target a larger audience by improving their online presence. This helps them scale a larger area and target prospective clients and make the most of it. Further more, to succeed and grow in a competitive environment like the current one, it becomes difficult to boost your presence everywhere. This form of advertising helps in targeting local, national and global channels.

SMEs i.e. Small medium enterprises have taken advantage of this form of marketing. The smaller and medium scale companies often find it difficult to showcase their work and services to their clients. Digital marketing helps in giving an edge through various platforms such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, content writing to inform many more people about what they have to offer. Above all, the affordable and nominal price range of different services makes it easy for small and medium organizations to benefit from the online form of marketing. When compared to the conventional methods of advertisement, the online based marketing is available at nominal cost and reaches a larger target audience.

Digital Marketing for SMEs offers effective results with a well – planned strategy. The key points which need to be taken care during a marketing campaign preparation are organic search, content marketing, mobile users, social media marketing. When all these factors are taken care of, it will generate brand visibility, customer acquisition, sales boost and overall revenue generation.

What does digital and online marketing teach us?

  • The use of digital marketing in case of SMEs keeps the enterprises up to the date with the latest ongoing trends in the industry giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • Tracking of website statistics helps in providing information about new site visitors, time spent on the website and much more.

  • A comprehensive digital marketing campaign planned strategically and implemented properly can help generate good results for any enterprise. This form of marketing gives the enterprises a flexible marketing opportunity.

  • Freedom to make changes in the plan as and when required, even in the ongoing marketing campaign.

  • With the help of online marketing, users can also be targeted through smartphones. Since a large number of people are these days online on their mobile phones, this is a very important aspect which cannot be ruled out. Many strategies for digital marketing for SMEs plan with the extensive focus on mobile users.

Helping SMEs scale new heights with the digital world

Often it is seen as a cumbersome task for many start – up and medium scale enterprises to make people aware of their services. In relation to this, the online form of marketing proves to be quite helpful for them:

Social media marketing:

  • Social media has become a very powerful tool today. This is one platform where marketing proves to be an added advantage. Millions of people are present on social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest among others.

  • Promoting your brand on these platforms is quite useful. Regular form of social media marketing can boost the online presence for different companies.

  • Regular posts will keep new and prospective clients aware about your brand, new addition to its services, products etc.

  • Daily feeds through your brand keeps you well-connected with your audience and many people like to be informed about the brands they are following.

Search Engine Optimization

With so many brands offering the same services as yours and many companies producing the same products as yours, it often becomes difficult for customers to find a small brand online. Hence, search engine optimization helps in promoting your brand on top search engines like Google. This makes it easy for the people to get to know more about your services. Since seo targets local and national customers, your services are promoted accordingly. With the help of this technique reaching a large number of potential clients becomes easier.

  • SEO helps in driving high traffic to your website, thereby increasing new visitors at your website.

  • Improve the financial and growth related goals of your enterprise with ease.

  • Implenting strategies to drive organic traffic gives your website high credibility on Google.

  • Real – time analysis of the different parameters to see your brand’s online growth

Content Writing

Another aspect of the digital form of marketing is ‘Content Writing’. Today, content is considered as the King on top search engines. Companies are promoting their services through interesting, informative and engaging content which their users will be interested to know about.

  • Regular blog postings help keep users engaged with latest ongoing trends in any enterprise.

  • Short posts on social media improves the online reputation of your organization over time.

  • Press Releases informing clients about new product launch in your brand.

Content writing is one of the most effective ways of small business online marketing.

Email Marketing

Another important aspect which cannot be ruled out while making any marketing campaign strategy is email marketing. Since not many customers are inclined in making the purchase instantly or the first time they visit the website, email marketing can change their purchase decision. An email landing in their inbox will portray the best qualities of your product which will increases the chances of purchase the first time visitors come to your website. According to statistics, 65% of customers are more inclined towards a new purchase when they have already seen a relevant mail of the similar product or company in their inbox.

Social Media/ Brand Influencers:

Many small scale and medium scale companies have started preferring brand influencers for the promotion of their company. Brand influencers are people who are having a decent following on social media platforms and can showcase your brand to a larger target audience. These days customers like to purchase products which are promoted by genuine people. Since the brand influencers are people which many are following, they can reach a larger target audience. Hiring social media influencers are pretty much in use of digital marketing strategies. The ROI on brand influencers have turned out to be good in many cases, particularly for start – ups.

Affiliate marketing

This is also a very good strategy. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which other brands, companies and websites promotes your brand and product. Wondering how this could help? Simple, you just have to share a small amount of commission fee with the website that marketed your product to the clients. Some companies offer a percentage or a fixed amount. This becomes beneficial for the direct brand owner as well as for the affiliate. The direct owner is free to decide the commission and inform their affiliates.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing involves making any content of your company or brand go viral. This can gain quick success and has proven to be the same for many companies. This can include a combination of content marketing, social media marketing to fetch out the best possible results.

How to start digital marketing?

Before your enterprise takes the plunge into this form of marketing, there are few things which you need to take care of. Some key points have to be researched before planning the marketing campaign:

  1. Getting to know your audience: Getting to know and understand the different aspects of your audience is vital. Many research based parameters are available to help organizations understand about their audience. The proper research can include the age group of your target audience, mostly preferred social media site by your audience, the time spent on website etc.

  2. Understanding the social media metrics: As each and every social media website is different, you need to understand the metrics of each website. You also need to understand what important aspects are working currently and which ones aren’t working. This will be possible by the use of proper data.

  3. Know what suits your business: Not each and every online platform can do justice for your business. Hence, you need to understand which online platform is preferable for your business and where people would be interested to know more about similar products and make the relevant purchase.

  4. Keep on researching: It is best to research more about the potential customers, their needs, their location, the best social media platform, understanding user spending potential. A good data fetches best results and this is exactly what you need to focus on. So regular ongoing research will always be beneficial for your enterprise.

The role of digital marketing is vital in the success of any business.

Hiring professional experts

Digital marketing, how to start this for your website? If this is the question which is pondering your mind, then the answer is to hire the experts. It is always better to take professional help rather than starting on your own. This is because there are a lot of parameters which need to be taken care during the online promotion of any brand which an agency can do best.

  • Hire an agency which has experience in the similar form of marketing.

  • Try to coordinate with the expert working on your company project so that you can share your suggestions and get to understand how they are planning your campaign. When planned together, this will be a better option.

  • If you need to focus on anything particular, make sure the marketing manager taking care of your company’s work knows and incorporates the same.

Once your business is online and in the hands of the experts your company can certainly gain a lot of benefits. Make sure to always remain closely coordinated with your marketing manager to know the latest trends in the market and pitch in your valuable feedback as well because knows the products of your company better than you.

The digital world has surpassed the boundaries in terms of businesses and brought the world closer. In the current scenario, it is not at all difficult to market your brand to a potential group of buyers. A strategically planned campaign can improve the visitor volume to website, lead to increase in sales and boost overall revenue generation of the company. Online Digital Marketing is one of the prime tools of customer acquisition.


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